CompuMark releases enhanced Chinese solutions in a follow up to White Rabbit strategic alliance

The importance of China to trademark professionals around the world continues to be one of the largest trends in our industry. A CompuMark analysis recently revealed that 70% of global trademark applications in 2018 were filed by Chinese applicants. It is clear that understanding the Chinese trademark landscape remains a critical element of your trademark research and protection strategy.

At INTA in 2018, we were delighted to announce CompuMark’s strategic alliance with the leading Chinese trademark research company White Rabbit. Since that time, we have been working hard to enhance our suite of Chinese solutions and are pleased to confirm significant progress:

Faster data – Our industry-leading enhanced and quality checked Chinese data is now available in SAEGIS® and TM go365™ one month earlier than this time last year, ensuring you have access to the most up to date content available.

Industry first image recognition on TM go365 – We have just added over 9 million Chinese registered and pending logos to TM go365 Image Search. This provides you with the unique opportunity to search Chinese logos using CompuMark’s exclusive image recognition technology as used by the world’s most innovate IP Offices. Furthermore, we have added the ability to search Chinese Industrial Designs on TM go365.

Localized Chinese Language on TM go365 – We have expanded our language options within TM go365 to include Chinese. This allows you to view TM go365 menu items and messaging in the language of your choice, providing a localized experience for Chinese speakers.

Native Chinese Searching on SAEGIS – We have also added the ability to search native Chinese characters on SAEGIS. With this new functionality if you know a particular Chinese trademark or company name in Chinese characters you can use SAEGIS to provide instant results to assist your research.

Enhancements to Non-Latin Character (NLC) Watch – Our Chinese NLC watch now includes trademarks in Chinese character format versus images, so you can easily conduct further online research.

More accurate Chinese data – Although the Chinese PTO operates a multi-class application system, it examines and updates trademarks using single class methodologies. Therefore, we have updated our systems to show Chinese results in SAEGIS and TM go365 in the same way as the Chinese PTO, ensuring that when different class applications have different statuses you can see the most accurate and up to date information. Note that in order to avoid duplication of work, we will continue to provide Watch notices in multi-class format as long as the classes are published at the same time.

There’s more to come – In the following months, we will continue to enhance and improve our Chinese data and services, ensuring you have full confidence when launching and protecting brands in China. You can learn more about all of the above enhancements at the CompuMark booth at INTA in Boston from May 19th to 22nd and the China Trademark Festival in Ningxia from July 5th to 8th.

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