The trademark ecosystem: Insights into trademark value, protection and technology

The fifth annual Trademark Ecosystem Report from Clarivate provides brand owners and trademark professionals a unique view on what took place over the course of the most important year in modern times for global commerce. 2020 was a challenging year for economies around the world. There was massive social dislocation. Businesses were forced to switch […]

2021 Trademark Ecosystem

What kind of shifts are we seeing in the trademark industry? Despite the severe hit to the global economy inflicted by the pandemic in 2020, the volume of new trademark filings rose, indicative of the global economy’s remarkable resilience. To gain deeper insights into trademark professionals’ practices, experiences and attitudes, Clarivate sought the views of […]

Brexit impacts to your trademark Searches and Watches

Updated: October 20, 2021 On January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union, an action commonly referred to as “Brexit.” From January 31 to December 31, 2020, a transition period was in place.   Understanding Brexit impacts to trademarks within the EUIPO and UKIPO Registered trademarks:Now that the transition period has expired, European […]

IP case data and trademark data: a powerful combination

There are currently more than 80 million active trademarks worldwide, with filings of new marks on the rise. As the number of new marks filing increases, the number of infringements also increases. While the global trademark landscape becomes more complex, so does the challenge of managing risk when launching new brands. The “risk 0” rarely […]

Analyzing imagination: cloud gaming through the lens of IP

In a new report on innovation in the cloud gaming industry, Clarivate IP analysts explore the dynamics of a developing industry, the strategies of companies behind the disruption and what may happen next. Read now.   The story of video gaming stretches back to the very beginning of the computing age. Always a test bed […]

Trademark strategy is an early focus of the world’s top disruptors

This article was first published in World Trademark Review on July 3, 2020. Didi and Coupang have largest portfolios while Airbnb has the greatest geographic scope. On average it took just under two years for disruptors to file their first marks. Analysis reveals the top 50 are fast acting when it comes to IP protection.  […]

IP Asia 2020 report

Intellectual property (IP) plays an essential role in accelerating the pace of innovation. Patents protect inventions in all fields of technology, trademarks signal the characteristics of products, designs specify how products look and domains identify organizations in the world of Internet. The critical importance of these rights becomes clear when we look at today’s IP […]

Where art meets science: Researching industrial designs

Industrial designs are increasingly recognized as valuable brand assets deserving of protection every bit as much as trademarks, patents and other intellectual property (IP). Due to their visual nature, industrial designs pose some unique challenges with respect to researching for clearance and protection. In this white paper, Leo Longauer, Vice President of Corporate IP for […]