Zaid Al-Nassir

Principal Analyst

Impact of COVID-19 on patient volumes, procedure utilization and site of service

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on healthcare patient volumes, procedure utilization and sites of service, and the effect has varied by procedure urgency. In this article, Clarivate analysts detail which procedures and sites fared the best and which are most likely to recover as more of the population is vaccinated, a critical […]

How will COVID-19 vaccine rollout differ by country?

COVID-19 vaccination represents a critical component in the recovery of medtech markets for healthcare capacity, patient mobility and the full restoration of global manufacturing operations and supply chains. To understand the effect of various vaccination campaigns, we need to understand the rollout by region and country. Clarivate experts developed a vaccination forecast model to illustrate […]

Impact of COVID-19 vaccine rollout on medtech recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the fundamental operations of all healthcare stakeholders. The ability to predict the outcomes of the pandemic and the speed of recovery for medtech markets has been challenged by the lack of historical data. This article is an executive summary of a new report from Clarivate assessing how COVID-19 vaccine rollouts will […]