10 Metrics You Should Know about Your Journal Workflow

Do you know if most of your reviewers are accepting or rejecting your requests for review?

Do you know how long it takes your editors to make a decision about a manuscript?

What about how many manuscripts are returned to authors for technical revisions and then subsequently returned back?

If you want to provide an easy and streamlined experience for your contributing authors and reviewers, you’ll want to look at some key indicators of your workflow processes. These indicators can inform you about which parts of the process will be the smoothest for your authors and which parts may need some more attention to iron out.

With ScholarOne Manuscripts, you could be keeping a pulse over the entire submission to decision process at your journal. With the extensive reporting capabilities, you can look at the key indicators in the revisions, peer review, and decisions parts of the manuscript journey.


Here are 10 metrics that you can easily report on in ScholarOne Manuscripts:

  1. Revision rate, number of revisions, and how many return
  2. Number of articles returned to author for technical corrections
  3. Reject without review rate
  4. Reviewer response rate (accept, decline, no response)
  5. Reviewer turnaround time
  6. Editor recommendation (accept/reject) rate
  7. Editor turnaround time
  8. Journal accept/reject rates
  9. Time to reject without review
  10. Time to first and final decision

20161012_ScholarOne Reporting metrics snapshot