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Understanding the contours of the patent landscape and what relevant prior art exists is complex. Yet this insight is crucial for making profitable patent investments and avoiding potential infringements.

Our patent research team is dedicated to helping you navigate the IP landscape. We provide actionable insights to improve the quality and speed of decision-making and legal advice throughout the IP lifecycle.

How we help

  • Improve allowance rates and save downstream prosecution costs by effectively determining patentable inventions and developing well-crafted patent applications.
  • Go to market confidently with the insight needed to avoid infringing on existing patents and assessing freedom to operate early in the process.
  • Evaluate threats and defend against complaints with intelligence to support your post-grant action to invalidate a competitor’s patent, build an assertion strategy or strengthen your negotiation position in licensing deals.
  • Inform R&D strategies and decisions and identify potential competitors and partners with customized analyses of commercial and technical activity within a relevant space.
  • Benchmark competitors to better understand their IP portfolios and R&D strategies, identify emerging threats and opportunities and develop response strategies.
  • Analyze your IP portfolio with a comprehensive audit to optimize performance, cost-effectiveness and alignment with your business objectives.


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