Generics covered from all angles

Spot the opportunity, eliminate the threat, and get to market

Whether you're in R&D or manufacturing, generics or fine chemicals, Newport Premium™ is the most advanced system for product targeting and global business development.

Newport Premium enables companies of all sizes, business models, strategies and geographic reach to quickly grow their product portfolios, find exclusive API suppliers, penetrate new markets, identify strong business partners or acquisition targets and monitor their competition. Newport is trusted by more than 380 companies operating in over 80 countries.

Newport Premium for Generics is created specifically for demanding professionals in generic pharmaceutical companies, Pharma Fine Chemicals and API manufacturers, it can help identify and evaluate new product development and licensing opportunities ahead of the competition for both small molecules and follow-on biologics.

Newport Premium for Innovators is the most advanced generic competitive intelligence system, ensuring you don’t miss the developing generic competition that can impact your sales, or the licensing opportunity that can build on your strengths.

Features & Benefits

  • For Generics: Unparalleled targeting capabilities reduce the testing of complex product and company business development strategies from months to minutes
  • For Generics: Unique, primary intelligence on global API manufacturing activities identifies early, exclusive and qualified API suppliers for target products
  • For Innovators: Unique, primary intelligence on global API manufacturing activities detects generic competition earlier and more reliably than any other source
  • For Innovators: Global coverage of thousands of API manufacturers together with their capabilities and regulatory experience identifies lower cost API sources quickly and efficiently

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