Track your closest competitors

Assess the competitive landscape with intelligence from every stage of the drug development process.

Accelerate strategic decisions by getting the exact information you’re looking for the first time. From one source, see your chosen indications, actions, and companies in detail - and in context.

Access accurate and timely global information on over 61,000 drugs, 6,000,000 patents, and 44,000 deals from big pharma to biotech companies. Plus: breaking industry news, clinical trials, broker research and conference coverage.

Trusted by more than 28,000 users worldwide, Cortellis™ Competitive Intelligence allows you to keep a constant watch on competitors in your space, summarize the product pipelines in your area of research, monitor new patent filing, and assess the attractiveness of the companies you are interested in.

Features & Benefits

  • Cortellis Competitive Intelligence is your trusted source to discover new and emerging research before any of your competitors
  • Manually curated by over 500 chemists, biologists and other editors with a medical background and a minimum of 4-7 years relevant experience
  • All of our data is integrated on one single platform. With one search, you can find all the data you need organized, indexed, and exportable to multiple formats
  • All of our content is also accessible via APIs allowing integration with your commercial and internal platforms

Explore the Dealmaker's Playbook: drawing on BioWorld, Cortellis Competitive Intelligence, and Recap to give you the full picture on the potential deals across the life sciences.

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