APRIL 2022

Ethnic diversity in STEM in the United States

Insights from the Institute for Scientific Information™

Diversity in the workplace has been found to have myriad of benefits, from accelerated innovation and discovery to better decision-making.

The Sustainable Development Goals from the UN stress the need for gender equality and reduced inequalities. As the scientific endeavor works towards solving these goals, it is particularly important that the workforce represents all countries, and that authors from diverse backgrounds are represented in scholarly publishing and journals too, in order to reduce inherent biases and enable a complete and global picture of the challenges we face.

In this ISI Insights paper, we combine self-identification data from the U.S. Census with the uniquely structured and curated Web of Science™ data to examine the issue of diversity in authorship of scientific publishing in the U.S.

Topics covered:

  • defining a methodology for identifying the ethnicity of authors of STEM research articles
  • identifying gaps in ethnic diversity in research
  • discover the trends underpinning participation and inclusivity of authorship across disciplines
  • understanding if and how the research landscape is changing, and whether there are changes in the levels of authorship of underrepresented minorities.


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