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InCites Benchmarking & Analytics is a customized, web-based research evaluation tool that helps you develop your research strategy. InCites Benchmarking & Analytics allows you to analyze institutional productivity, monitor collaboration activity, identify influential researchers, showcase strengths, and discover areas of opportunity.

My Organization is a new integrated module within InCites Benchmarking & Analytics, providing institutions the missing link needed to complete the research analytics loop.  My Organization enables users to easily browse, select & analyze researcher, team or departmental performance based on your own verified data.

You retain full control of your data—importing departmental structure, researcher names and publication records—and My Organization delivers standardized researcher, team and departmental reporting to increase relevance of bibliometric data for all users.   Then we complete the loop, as we provide you underlying data from Web of Science & InCites APIs to maintain your Local Profile System.

About InCites Data

Web of Science Core Collection is the data source for InCites Benchmarking & Analytics. Our guide describes the scope, update schedules and data elements that are the foundation of the resource.

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List of InCites Metrics

Visit our LibGuides site for an alphabetical list of InCites metrics.

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A baseline is the average performance of a global set of publications with the same subject area, document type and year. Baselines are calculated using a whole counting method, meaning all papers in a subject area are counted towards the baseline calculation regardless of whether those papers are also in other subject areas or not.

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Understanding the metrics

Visit our LibGuides for a full breakdown of all metrics used in InCites Benchmarking & Analytics.

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Responsible use of research metrics

InCites Benchmarking & Analytics supports a comprehensive class of advanced bibliometric indicators assessing various aspects of research performance.

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How to use InCites

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