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My Organization is an integrated module within InCites Benchmarking & Analytics which enables you to easily browse, select, and analyse your researchers, teams and departments to deliver standardized citation reporting across your institution.

It provides self-service tools designed for an Administrator user to upload your researcher profile data sourced from your researcher profiling system – either through manual templates or through the My Organization API – to deliver an evaluative researcher profile dataset.

Our team can also provide this evaluative researcher profile dataset for you through our Faculty Match Service.

This dataset is then accessed by your users, who rely upon the full reporting capability from InCites Benchmarking & Analytics alongside additional capabilities to browse, explore and export data directly from My Organization – to assess productivity, monitor collaboration activity, identify influential researchers, showcase strengths, and discover areas of opportunity.

More control, better insights

More control, better insights

  1. Retain full control of your data
  2. My Organization delivers standardized researcher, team, and departmental reporting
  3. Increase the relevance of bibliometric data for all users
  4. Receive underlying data from Web of Science and InCites APIs to maintain your Local Profile System
My Organization lets you:

My Organization lets you:

  1. Mirror and match your researcher profiles which are maintained within your researcher profiling system against InCites Benchmarking & Analytics
  2. Identify and nominate an Administrator User to support this workflow on behalf of your users
  3. Embed and integrate your Research Profile System through the My Organization API including director connectors for Converis and VIVO
  4. Deliver and manage an evaluative researcher profile dataset and batch export standardized citation reports to facilitate annual reviews and assessment
  5. Analyze and evaluate using full reporting capability within InCites Benchmarking & Analytics
Benefits of using My Organization

Benefits of using My Organization

  1. Save time
    Save researchers valuable time, with a quick and easy import of their full research history from the Web of Science Core Collection.
  2. Standardized data
    Rely on a standardized dataset without needing end-user validation of research output. Deliver standardized citation analytic reporting across your organization.
  3. Support
    Comprehensive support of your annual review process.
  4. Deliver
    Seamlessly deliver integrated metrics to all relevant users.
  5. Showcase
    Demonstrate your institutional research by integrating the Web of Science API with your local system to collect the full meta-data from Web of Science against your researcher profiles.
  6. Empower
    Seamlessly link to InCites and empower users to evaluate research activity through verified researcher profiles and internal departmental structure.



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