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The world’s leading corporations rely on Web of Science™ to help them better understand the global research landscape, and innovate more quickly and confidently.

Web of Science connects users to the world’s highest-quality research unlike any other platform, because we link every cited reference in our regional, specialty, data and patent indexes to every cited reference across our Web of Science Core Collection™. This creates an intricate and comprehensive network of historical global research – connecting over 1.89 billion cited references from over 171 million records, including, funding data, patents, data sets, journal articles, conference proceedings, and scholarly books.

Paired with our powerful analytics tool, InCites™, we make it simple to analyze the research landscape, measure productivity, benchmark against peers, find and analyze collaborations and partnerships, and conduct detailed funding analysis.

The world’s leading corporations rely on Web of Science and InCites for best-in-class:

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    Research Landscape Analysis
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    Key Opinion Leader Identification, Assessment and Reporting
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    Research Funding Analysis and Visualization
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    Research Impact Analysis and Visualization
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    Collaboration Analysis and Visualization

We can help you confidently answer questions about:

Research Landscape Analysis:

  • Which organizations are currently collaborating with each other?
  • What are my competitors up to?  Who are they collaborating with and what research are they producing?
  • Which academic, government and industry groups are active in a space and producing the most impactful work?
  • What’s the newest research coming out of academic institutions?
  • Which organizations produce the hottest, most-cited research?

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL):

  • Who are the KOLs in my specialty and producing the most impactful work?
  • Where are the centers of excellence in a particular region?
  • Who is funding the KOLs in your field?
  • What KOLs are my competitors collaborating with?
  • What KOLs should we be looking to partner with?

Research Funding Analysis:

  • What is the funding landscape for my specialty?
  • Which funders sponsor research in our specialty areas
  • Who is funding the KOLs in your field?
  • Who are your competitors funding/utilizing?
  • Who is receiving funding from government agencies?

Helping you:


Innovate more quickly and confidently

Save money

Avoid costly missteps

Be accurate

Ensure the highest level of accuracy in your research


Identify key opinion leaders and collaboration opportunities


Evaluate the competition and the entire research landscape

Web of Science

The world’s largest publisher-neutral citation index and research-intelligence platform — enabling your researchers  to see where research connects and intersects across disciplines, between institutions, and across time.

The Web of Science Core Collection is a trusted, high-quality, definitive resource for books, research journals and conference proceedings. Search and discover a trusted set of publications covering more than 250 subject areas worldwide, curated by our expert team of in-house editors.

With our proven publication and citation data, we create a unique research experience across the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities – giving your researchers confidence in discovering and assessing global research.

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InCites Takes the industry-leading data from Web of Science and normalizes it, to provide you with the tools to analyze and visualize that data — helping you extract meaning, measure impact, find opportunities, and benchmark yourself against the world.

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Professional Services

Using  Web of Science and  InCites  data, our Professional Services team help you drive innovation by improving your research performance and identify areas for investment.  We can create bespoke analyses tailored to your needs, including:

  • program planning
  • progress reports
  • research fronts navigator
  • funding comparators and networks
  • text mining
  • dashboards

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A smarter way to streamline references and write collaboratively.

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EndNote Click

EndNote Click (formerly Kopernio™), our free browser plugin, brings your subscription and open access content directly into your researcher’s workflows.

EndNote Click provides one-click access to scholarly, science and research articles with its simplified authentication process. Save your researchers’ time by helping them access the research they need quickly and easily.

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