Release Q3.2020 (v4.26.3)

The following items represent notable improvements made to the platform and tools in this release, as well as key defect fixes and optimizations. The text below also provides information about default configuration values and instructions for configuring each feature. Please note that some features must be activated by an administrator or ScholarOne representative for your users to benefit from the new functionality; contact your publisher team or ScholarOne for questions around permission or configurations.

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ScholarOne Manuscripts Q3.2020 (v4.26.3)

Submission Integration Updates

The Q3.2020 release introduced added support for the Unsubmitted Workflow to ScholarOne’s Submission Integration feature set. External submissions sent back to the author (“unsubmitted”) for changes can now be updated in their draft state by the external system which originally sent in the manuscript. Previously, external systems were not able to update unsubmitted manuscripts in draft, only create a new submissions.



  • Admin


Action Required

Configuration required.


Details & Configuration

Unsubmit features for ScholarOne submission integration allow external systems to update the files and metadata for an unsubmitted manuscript in draft. When configured, manuscripts sent back to the author will be automatically locked in the ScholarOne UI. Neither the author nor journal admins will be able to make edits to the document.

The expected user journey has the author making changes to the manuscript in an external system which then passes the change to ScholarOne via submission integration. If changes must be made in ScholarOne, the manuscript can be unlocked for editing and then locked again from the Manuscript files tab.

Submission Integration and its functionality to support unsubmitted papers must be configured by ScholarOne.


Submission Prefill: PDF File Type Support

Added pdf support for Submission Prefill. This allows journals to accept pdf submissions through Submission Prefill automatically entering Title, Keywords, Authors, Institutions and Funders for the manuscript from an uploaded file.


  • Author 
  • Admin
Action Required

Configuration required.

Details & Configuration

Submission Prefill is configurable under the Add-Ons section of configuration.

Set the File Designation for the Submission Group by selecting from the drop down of available File Designations.

Select the file type to allow by marking the appropriate checkbox. Submission Prefill supports pdf, doc/docx independently or both, together.

Submission Prefill Ringgold Institution Matching Update

Updated the Submission Prefill algorithm matching institutions to Ringgold Ids.


  • Author 
  • Admin
  • Editor
Action Required

This feature is a part of Submission Prefill.  Once Submission Prefill is active, no additional configuration is required.

Details & Configuration

This update to the matching algorithm ensures a greater number of institutions ingested via submission prefill are automatically matched to their Ringgold ID saving authors time spent in the submission process.


Script Reduction Unusual Activity Detector Clean Slate Activation

Created internal tools allowing for Clean Slate activation of the Unusual Activity Detector by additional staff.


  • Admin
Action Required

Configuration required.

Details & Configuration

The Unusual Activity Detector may be configured so alerts from all time appear in queues, or with a “Clean Slate”, where no alerts from previously processed manuscripts appear in alert queues.  Many clients prefer the Clean Slate approach which previously required assistance from our dev teams.  With this updated toolset for ScholarOne staff, Publishers can expect to see the wait time for Unusual Activity Detector activation decrease.

For more information on our industry leading Unusual Activity Detector, please contact your usual ScholarOne Manuscripts contact or our Product Support team at


Notable Defect Fixes & Functionality Optimizations

ScholarOne deploys a number of patches and hotfixes between releases, ensuring that our users experience constant improvements to the platform. Many of these are driven by internal teams to optimize processes and therefore do not affect workflows. If you have questions about any of these changes, however, please reach out to Support.

  • Author Reminder Enhancement
    • Author reminders would not reschedule when the revision due date was extended if Days Allowed for Decision in configuration was changed in the interim.
  • Browser Spell Check
    • Fixed an issue where the native browser spell checker was not working inside HTML email creation windows.
  • Changing Manuscript Type
    • Resolved an issue where authors were not able to submit if they had uploaded manuscript files and then changed to a Manuscript Type without a file upload step.
  • Direct Transfer
    • Fix a display issue when a manuscript was ingested via direct transfer. The submitting author was shown a notification text indicating there wasn’t an exact match on first name + last name + email address in error.
  • Eform Submission Via Proxy
    • Identified and fixed an intermittent issue where upon submission of Eform via proxy the page would refresh and leave the user on the login page.
  • HTML Email Tags
    • Resolved an issue where one broken tag in an email would cause the rest of the tags not to render.
  • iCal Invitation
    • Fixed an issue where ical invitation files were rendering journal URLs with an additional =0D character
  • Mark for Merge
    • Resolved a display issue where Mark for Merge was not displaying for languages other than English.
  • Previous Co-Author
    • Fixed a display issue where an admin adding a co-author for a submitter by proxy using the Previous Co-Author tool would find that co-author listed in their own Previous Co-Author list.
  • Site Creation
    • Site creation / copy was causing the iThenticate Plagiarism configuration to reset to default where it should have persisted for easier configuration and activation.
  • Stub Due Date
    • Resolved an intermittent issue where the stub due date was changing to match the extension date given to reviewers.
  • Unusual Activity Detector
    • Resolved an issue impacting stubs where the UAD tool was errantly stating ‘Author(s) added by journal staff’ and ‘The following Authors were added by the journal staff, not the submitter’.