Visibility, clarity and efficiency for research operations


Manage your research information and workflows efficiently and effectively

Converis™ integrates the management of research information and internal workflows, bringing together data from external and internal sources into a single platform.

  • Manage workflows
    Customize and manage various research workflows, tasks, delegations, and approvals.
  • Make actionable decisions
    Aggregate data and create live dashboards, charts, and tables for internal and external stakeholders to advise budgeting, expenditure, and forecasting decisions.
  • Track publication data
    Collect, validate, and report on research publication; track bibliographic metadata as well as full text, including Open Access repository integration.
  • Manage awards
    Track a project from the initial idea and award application process through the research itself, up to the final outcome including publications and citations of published work.
  • Make your work visible
    Promote and publicize the research, researchers, and activities of your institution via a public, searchable web portal.

Flexible research management

Different stakeholders have different needs – that’s why Converis offers more than just information on projects and publications. Converis offers a holistic approach, covering the complete research lifecycle from pre-award workflows to research output management. Converis comes with a powerful reporting tool, including embedded reports to view the information directly from within Converis, in addition to advanced reporting options and dashboards via Converis Research Analytics.

Linking institutional systems

Converis serves as a central integration hub for joining repositories, personal libraries, and institutional databases and systems, e.g. HR and finance. Converis links the various systems, capturing research-related information, creating standardization for profiles and CVs, and reducing the need for repeated data entry.

Strong configuration capabilities

Offering unmatched configuration capabilities, Converis gives you control of the data model, workflows, user rights and integrations. Providing individualized analysis, you can assemble complete professional profiles for a comprehensive, up-to-date collection of all teaching, research and service-related activities.

Facilitating essential research workflows

Use Converis to direct and manage common workflows such as approvals associated with research activities and achievements; budgeting, expenditures, forecasting and compliance with ethics guidelines; assigning and delegating tasks and deadlines; or validating processes for an open access repository and bibliometrics.

Managing multiple types of research data

Manage various types of research information in one place, including details of researchers and their organizational affiliations. Our automatic publication matcher can enrich the research data by automatically extracting new publications from Web of Science and matching them to your researchers.

Types of research data:

  • Metadata, abstracts and full texts of publications
  • Projects including associated documents
  • Financial overviews and activity plans
  • Project applications including specific funder requirements
  • Workflows and approval processes
  • Patent and licensing information
  • Research activities
  • Study plans and supervisory meetings
  • Milestones and planned and achieved results
Product highlights

Product highlights

  1. Integration with Journal Citation Reports™
    Use JCR metrics to assess the journals that your authors have published in
  2. Embedded reports
    See reports directly on any browser page or your research portal
  3. Process efficiency assessment
    Detect workflow bottlenecks by checking how much time each step takes to be fulfilled
  4. InCites API integration
    Extract article-level contextualized bibliometrics from the Web of Science Core Collection™
  5. Template migration
    Migrate templates between servers, facilitating the copy of configurations from Test to Live, for example

Streamline your Ethics and Institutional Review Board workflows

Digitize and streamline your Institutional Review Board (IRB) processes for an effective and flexible management of your application reviews, compliance monitoring, and outcomes assessment.


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