ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Citation Index

The integration of ProQuest™ Dissertations & Theses Global and the Web of Science™

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Help researchers capture more early career research alongside other scholarly outputs in a single search.

  1. Improve literature reviews

    Execute more comprehensive literature reviews by including unpublished scholarship and more diverse perspectives.

  2. Discover emerging trends

    Identify emerging areas of research and the post-graduate programs that are engaged in this research.

  3. Expand your view of an idea’s development

    Understand the evolution of a topic by capturing diverse, multidisciplinary research outputs in a single set of results. Follow citation links to spark new ways of thinking about an idea.

  4. Incorporate new sources into your study

    Explore the details of research methodologies that are not published in peer-reviewed literature.

  5. Showcase your achievement to peers and evaluators

    Claim your dissertation or thesis in your Web of Science Researcher Profile to make your work more visible to Web of Science users and monitor the citation impact over time.


Maximize the results of your limited research time

  1. More early findings

    Surface records for 5.7M+ dissertations and theses alongside journal articles, conference papers, preprints, patents, and books in your Web of Science search results.

  2. A global view

    Uncover quality research from graduate students at more than 4,100 universities in over 60 countries around the world in a single search.

  3. Streamlined workflow

    Obtain immediate full-text access with direct links between Web of Science and the ProQuest Platform for ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global subscribers.

  4. Faster discovery

    Quickly explore new sources on niche topics through full cited reference indexing for dissertations and theses. Expand discovery to related papers that share a research foundation but not necessarily subject keywords.

  5. Current awareness

    Broad, multidisciplinary coverage of graduate research helps you find cutting-edge discoveries, while daily updates and a suite of alerts help you stay current on a topic.

5.7 m

dissertations and theses records

4 k+

university content contributors

60 +

countries represented

3.3 M

full text links to documents on ProQuest Platform

~ 200 K

new full text records added annually



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