Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia | Treatment Sequencing | US | 2018

Treatment Sequencing provides disease-specific, sequential treatment patterns in market-relevant treatment scenarios and drug share mapped to the treatment journey. The quantitative sequencing analysis illuminates drug positioning through primary market research-based insights from physicians and DRG oncology experts’ assumptions.

Key Benefits:

  • Pinpoint current drug positioning and uptake in one snapshot to facilitate forecasting.
  • Drill down into physicians’ treatment sequences and understand who to position against or how to defend share.
  • Identify untapped treatment scenarios and key competitors to aid trial design.
  • Evaluate unique disease-specific treatment patterns and dynamics to plan and manage sales and marketing resources and execute commercialization messages.
  • Discover untapped populations to expand product share and drive strategic decisions.

Questions Answered:

  • Where is my product positioned versus that of competitors in the treatment journey?
  • What are physicians’ most frequent treatment sequences; who is benefiting, and how can I defend my asset’s share and position?
  • What are the market-relevant treatment scenarios according to oncology experts?
  • How can I optimize trial design and ensure a competitive edge for my pipeline asset?
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