Alzheimer’s Disease – Special Topics – Special Topics: Caregiver Perspectives on Diagnostics and Leqembi in the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease (US)

Eisai / Biogen’s Leqembi (lecanemab) gained accelerated and full FDA approval in 2023 based on positive clinical and biomarker outcomes from the Phase 3 CLARITY-AD trial. With the U.S. CMS covering the drug in line with its label and broadening reimbursement of PET scans used to establish diagnoses and determine treatment eligibility, Leqembi is poised to capitalize on the unfulfilled potential for an AD DMT. However, logistic hurdles on the path to diagnosis and treatment initiation must be overcome to unlock the full potential of a DMT in the AD market. This survey-based report assesses U.S. caregivers’ experiences with their patient’s path to diagnosis of AD, unspecified dementia, or unspecified MCI. It also explores caregivers’ awareness of, familiarity with, and perceptions of Leqembi, including their willingness to seek treatment or drive further diagnostic clarity. With additional DMTs expected to enter the market in 2024, the analysis will also shed light on the drivers and constraints influencing the use of Leqembi and identify opportunities for current and future developers to support DMT uptake.

Questions answered

  • What are the drivers of / obstacles to diagnosis of AD or related disorders according to caregivers?
  • What is the level of awareness of and familiarity with Leqembi among U.S. caregivers in the first year after launch?
  • How do U.S. caregivers perceive Leqembi as a treatment for AD, and how willing are they and their patients to seek treatment?
  • Is the approval of Leqembi driving caregivers of unspecified dementia or MCI patients to seek a more granular diagnosis?

Product description

Clarivate’s Special Topics reports use quantitative and/or qualitative primary research to assess evolving trends and market effects in dynamic disease areas. Insights from this report will help developers in shaping their market strategies, identifying potential areas for differentiation, and caregivers’ receptivity.

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