Migraine – Special Topics – Migraine Special Topics – Spotlight on New Treatments in Migraine (US)

Since 2018, seven novel drugs have entered the U.S. market for the acute or preventive treatment of migraine, and at least four more are on the short-term horizon. Understanding how prescribers perceive and plan to incorporate new brands in the evolving migraine treatment paradigm is critical for developers entering a heavily generic and increasingly saturated market. In the acute segment, we will assess the relative familiarity, uptake, and performance of recent oral entrants (Reyvow, gepants) on key attributes and examine physicians’ awareness, perceptions, and future adoption of near-to-market reformulations. In the prevention segment, we will examine preferences for, opinions of, and drivers of / constraints on prescribing within the anti-CGRP MAb class and assess physicians’ receptivity to new oral CGRP receptor antagonists (atogepant, Nurtec ODT).


  • How do physician awareness and adoption compare across key therapies?
  • How do they compare between specialists and nonspecialists?
  • How do physicians perceive the clinical value of recently launched and emerging brands? Which agents perform the best on key clinical and nonclinical attributes?
  • How have recently launched brands impacted the market? What are the reasons for prescribing each therapy, and how satisfied are prescribers?
  • How do PCPs and neurologists plan to incorporate new brands into the treatment algorithm? Why do / would physicians refrain from prescribing recently launched or emerging brands?


Clarivate’s Special Topics reports use quantitative primary research to assess evolving trends and market effects in dynamic disease areas. Insights from this report on migraine will help developers gauge the competitiveness of their late-phase pipeline candidates and design messages to support or defend their market position.


Geographies: United States.

Primary research: Survey of 102 U.S. physicians (50 neurologists and 52 PCPs) fielded in June 2021.

Key drugs covered: Ubrelvy, Nurtec ODT, Reyvow, Qtrypta, AXS-07, INP-104, STS101, Aimovig, Ajovy, Emgality, Vyepti, atogepant

Key insights provided:

  • Physician-reported treatment practices and patient shares.
  • Factors influencing treatment decisions in acute and preventive segments.
  • Opinions of, satisfaction with, and willingness to prescribe featured therapies.
  • Product performance on key attributes.
  • Drivers of / obstacles to prescribing.
  • Expected use patterns of key emerging therapies.