Schizophrenia – Special Topics – Special Topics: Agitation in bipolar and schizophrenia (US)

Agitation is a common behavioral aspect often associated with bipolar disorder (BPD) and schizophrenia. It often manifests in the form of tension, violence, or even aggression and can occur in both treated and untreated patients. Patients experiencing an agitated episode usually present to the emergency department and are then likely treated with both nonpharmacological and pharmacological interventions (e.g., Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa IM, Pfizer’s Geodon, Galen’s Adasuve) to ameliorate this behavior. Emerging therapies will likely need to demonstrate improved efficacy, safety, and convenience of administration profiles that would influence physicians’ preference for a brand over the generic alternatives currently available to manage this condition.


  • How is the treatment of agitation in BPD and schizophrenia evolving, according to interviewed and surveyed physicians? What are their perceptions of current therapies to treat this manifestation?
  • What are/will be the drivers and constraints for current and emerging therapies’ use in the treatment of agitation in BPD and schizophrenia patients?
  • What are the prevailing areas of unmet need and opportunity in this area?
  • How do physicians anticipate incorporating newer therapies in this otherwise largely genericized treatment algorithm?


Special Topics uses quantitative primary research to assess evolving trends and market effects in dynamic disease areas. The product examines topics of high interest within an indication, such as delving into reasons driving physicians’ prescribing decisions or assessing physicians’ receptivity to emerging agents to better understand the nuanced dynamics in the indication.


Geographies: United States

Primary research: 5 interviews with thought-leading psychiatrists Survey of 70 U.S. psychiatrists and 30 emergency department physicians.

Key drugs covered: Current drug classes: atypical (e.g., Pfizer’s Geodon, Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa IM) and typical antipsychotics, and benzodiazepines. Emerging therapies: BioXcel’s BXCL501, Avanir’s AVP-786, Axsome’s AXS-05, and Lundbeck / Otsuka’s brexpiprazole.

Key insights provided:

  • Physician-reported treatment practices for agitation in BPD and schizophrenia
  • Factors influencing treatment decisions
  • Physician perceptions of unmet needs in the indication
  • Anticipated use of select emerging therapies to fulfill key unmet needs

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