Parkinson’s Disease – Emerging Therapies – Special Topics: Novel Entrants in the Parkinson’s Disease Market (US)

Core to Parkinson’s disease (PD) treatment is the co-prescription of various formulations of the gold-standard SOC levodopa with a range of adjunctive therapies from other drug classes (e.g., dopamine agonists, MAO-B inhibitors) to address breakthrough motor symptoms. Pipeline therapies seek to improve therapeutic experience and motor symptom benefit through novel mechanisms, delivery routes, and simplified dosing regimens. The use of newer brands (e.g., Rytary [Amneal], Gocovri [Supernus], Inbrija [Acorda]) has steadily grown, but these agents will face competition from emerging reformulations (e.g., ABBV-951 [AbbVie]) and new molecular entities (NMEs) (IPX-203 [Amneal], dipraglurant [Addex], tavapadon [Cerevel]) in established classes; these reformulations and NMEs have the potential to radically change the clinical management and commercial outlooks in PD. Understanding physicians’ receptivity and anticipated use for new entrants is crucial for developers advancing new drugs in the increasingly crowded, largely generic, and clinically complex market.

Questions answered:

  • How have recently launched brands impacted the market? What are the reasons for prescribing or not prescribing key therapies?
  • How do neurologists rate the performance of key branded therapies?
  • How do neurologists view the clinical profiles of novel therapies for primary motor symptoms, motor fluctuations, and levodopa-induced dyskinesia (LID)? Which will they prefer, and how do they plan to incorporate these agents in treatment?
  • Why will physicians refrain from prescribing emerging brands?

Product description:

Clarivate’s Special Topics reports use quantitative and/or qualitative primary research to assess evolving trends and market effects in dynamic disease areas. Insights from this report will help developers gauge the competitiveness and sales potential of late-phase assets in the PD market.

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