The Burgeoning Prostate Cancer Market in the EU5 | Physician & Payer Forum | EU5 | 2015

Five premium-priced therapies – Xtandi (Medivation/Astellas Pharma), Provenge (Dendreon), and Xofigo (Algeta/Bayer HealthCare), Zytiga (Janssen), and Jevtana (Sanofi) – are approved in Europe for prostate cancer, driving the metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) market in Europe to become increasingly crowded and competitive. Therefore, as therapies seek to optimize their place in medical practice and the EU5 markets strive to tighten their healthcare belt, payers and prescribers must balance tightening budgets and evolving cost-containment policies with clinical need.

Drawing on insights from 250 surveyed medical oncologists across the EU5, as well as 30 surveyed urologists in Germany only, and 15 interviewed payers, this report entitled, “The Burgeoning Prostate Cancer Market in the EU5: How are Physicians and Payers Responding to an Expanding Arsenal of Therapeutic Agents?” explores the evolving reimbursement and market access landscape for prostate cancer, the dynamics affecting prescribing of key drugs in an increasingly cost-constrained climate, and the main challenges facing emerging therapies’ uptake in this heterogeneous market.

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