IgA Nephropathy | Niche & Rare Disease Landscape & Forecast | US/EU5 | 2022

Immunoglobulin A nephropathy (IgAN), also known as Berger’s disease, is a rare autoimmune disease affecting the kidneys. It is characterized by predominant IgA protein deposition and impairment of blood filtration in the kidneys’ tiny blood channels. Symptoms include high blood pressure, little or no urination, edema, and fatigue. No disease-specific treatments are available; thus, treatment comprises a wide variety of supportive therapies such as antihypertensive drugs, immunosuppressants, and diuretics. High unmet need exists for treatments that can meaningfully delay or halt this progressive end-stage kidney disease. The future of the IgAN therapy market is bright owing to emerging therapies such as sparsentan (Travere Therapeutics), iptacopan (Novartis), narsoplimab (Omeros), and atrasentan (Chinook Therapeutics). Supported by insights from thought leaders, we analyze the challenges associated with marketing drugs to treat an increasingly dynamic and complex disease. Understanding the current and future competitive landscape is critical for marketers of both existing and emerging brands to secure market share or carve out a clinical role.


  • What are the sizes of the U.S. and EU5 diagnosed prevalence and incidence IgAN populations? What percentage of the IgAN population receive drug treatment?
  • What are the drivers of and constraints in the IgAN therapy market, and how will the market evolve through 2031?
  • What is the current treatment landscape for IgAN? What are physicians’ experience and satisfaction levels with current key therapies?
  • Which emerging therapies do experts consider most promising? If approved, how will emerging therapies influence the management of IgAN patients? What commercial impact will they have on the IgAN therapy market?


Geographies: United States and EU5.

Primary research: Six country-specific interviews with thought-leading nephrologists and endocrinologists supported by survey data collected for this study.

Epidemiology: Diagnosed prevalence and incidence cases of IgAN by country, with population-specific drug-treatment rates.

Forecast: Drug-level sales and patient share of key IgAN therapies through 2031.

Emerging therapies: Phase III/preregistered: 5 drugs; Phase II: 7 drugs; coverage of select early-phase products.


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