Outsourced Devices – Market Insights – Global

The global market for outsourced medical devices will expand moderately through 2027. Although ongoing pressure to reduce production expenses will drive many brand owners to partner with outsourcing companies, some larger players are opting to expand their in-house capabilities through acquisitions or the establishment of manufacturing facilities, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. 

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for outsourced medical devices in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Japan across a 10-year period.

Brand owners are increasingly partnering with CMs on innovative and minimally invasive technologies.

What CM capabilities are innovation-driven companies considering when making outsourcing decisions? 

How do the vascular, orthopedic, and general surgery outsourced device markets differ, and what is the respective outlook for these spaces?

Outsourcing penetration varies across geographies and is heavily dependent on local regulations and trade policies.

How will regulatory changes, such as the implementation of the new MDR in Europe, impact brand owners?

How are government policies supporting domestic manufacturing impacting outsourcing penetration in Asia Pacific countries?

How does intellectual property play a role in outsourcing decisions?

Consolidation among CMs is shifting the outsourcing competitive landscape.

How are CMs evolving over the forecast period, and what factors are driving the trend toward consolidation?

How are brand owners responding to ongoing consolidation among CMs?

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