Infusion Pumps – Market Insights – Europe

The European infusion pump market would be primarily driven by factors such as the growing demand of non-hospital settings, which stimulate the demand for disposable and electronic ambulatory pumps. The market is further driven by smart infusion pumps integrated with HCIT capabilities, and the adoption of innovative products like hybrid closed-loop insulin pumps that are priced at a premium. These high-end products, which are likely to be sold at a higher cost, are predicted to contribute to a modest growth over the forecast period.

This Medtech 360 Report offers thorough information and comprehensive analysis on the state of the infusion pump market in Europe from 2019 through 2032.

The shift toward the utilization of advanced products with smart programming will boost market growth.

Which market will be impacted by the adoption of these advanced products?

Which competitors have innovative devices and are likely to capitalize on this trend?

Limited reimbursement for certain devices negatively impacts the market.

What are the market segments that have been negatively impacted due to this?

What are the market competitors doing to secure reimbursement for their products, and in which countries?

Technologically advanced insulin pump devices will drive market growth.

How has the launch of hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery systems impacted the market?

What companies are likely to capitalize on the expanding market and seek out new opportunities?

What are the latest innovations in the insulin patch pump market?

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