Inflammatory Myositis – Executive Insights – Inflammatory Myositis: Executive Insights | US/EU5 | 2022

Inflammatory myositis (IM) is a heterogeneous group of autoimmune disorders characterized by immune-mediated muscle injury that results in muscle inflammation and skeletal muscle weakness. Corticosteroids, steroid-sparing agents, and other immunosuppressive drugs are the mainstay for the management of IM. In 2021, Octagam 10% (IVIg) was approved for the treatment of dermatomyositis in the United States and Europe. Targeted assets with novel mechanisms of action (MAb, JAK inhibitor, CTLA-4 agonist, CB2 agonist) are in late-phase development for the treatment of IM. Major unmet needs, including limited approved therapies for IM, present a lucrative commercial opportunity and could drive the future market dynamics.

Questions answered

  • What is the diagnosed prevalence of IM?
  • What is the current market landscape including the diagnostic and management practices across different markets under study?
  • What is the potential impact of pipeline therapies, and how will these therapies affect future IM market dynamics?
  • What are the key unmet needs and areas of opportunity in the management of IM?
  • What are the key drivers and limiters of the IM market?

Product description

Executive Insights provides indication-specific market intelligence with world-class epidemiology, keen insight into current treatment paradigms, biotherapeutic pipelines, key clinical unmet needs, and competitive landscapes, supported by primary and secondary research. This solution provides succinct insights to any biopharma function or business professional looking to quickly grasp a new indication of interest.

Geography: United States, EU5

Primary research: 13 KOL interviews from November 2021 to January 2022

Key companies covered: Octapharma, BMS, CSL Behring, Corbus Pharmaceuticals, Alexion, Pfizer, Kezar Life Sciences, others

Key drugs covered: Octagam, Orencia, Hizentra, lenabasum, Ultomiris, PF-06823859, KZR-616, others

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