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Vitiligo is a chronic skin depigmentation disorder characterized by the destruction or loss of function of melanocytes. Its etiology and pathophysiology are not well understood but are believed to be driven by autoimmune processes. Because vitiligo affects patients’ appearance, the disease burden is high. Until 2022, no therapies were approved to treat it; topical steroids or other immunomodulators alone or in combination with narrow-band UVB to induce repigmentation were the mainstay treatments for vitiligo patients. However, these treatments confer only modest clinical benefit and can have troublesome side effects. However, the FDA’s July 2022 approval of Incyte’s Opzelura (topical ruxolitinib) gives patients the first approved pharmacological treatment for repigmentation in vitiligo; the FDA approved Opzelura cream for the treatment of nonsegmental vitiligo in adult and pediatric patients 12 or older. Multiple therapies with diverse mechanisms of action are in development to treat vitiligo and, if efficacious, stand to capitalize on the immense unmet need for effective therapies in this space.

Questions answered

  • What are the key areas of unmet need and opportunity in the treatment of vitiligo?
  • What is the approximate size of the diagnosed vitiligo population in the United States? How are the total diagnosed cases of vitiligo segmented by subtype and severity?
  • What is the expected impact of new therapies, especially those with novel mechanisms of action?
  • How does each current and future player influence the market, and how will their influence change? How has Opzelura been integrated into the vitiligo treatment algorithm?
  • What are the key drivers and barriers of the vitiligo therapy market?

Product description

Executive Insights provides indication-specific market intelligence with world-class epidemiology and keen insight into current treatment paradigms, biotherapeutic pipelines, key clinical unmet needs, and competitive landscapes, supported by primary and secondary research. This solution provides succinct insights to any biopharma function or business professional looking to quickly grasp a new indication of interest.

Geography United States

Primary research 3 KOL interviews in February to March 2023

Key companies covered Incyte, Pfizer, Clinuvel

Key drugs covered Opzelura, ritlecitinib, afamelanotide, INCB-054707

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