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Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a catastrophic event, often as a result of trauma, that typically results in long-lasting motor, sensory, and/or autonomic deficits. The nature of such deficits is dependent on the level of the spinal cord at which the injury occurs and the severity of damage to the cord at that level. Treatment involves nonpharmacological and pharmacological management of associated complications but no current therapy can restore function. The SCI pipeline consists of regenerative / reparative treatments, including several stem cell therapies, monoclonal antibodies against an axonal guidance molecule (AbbVie’s elezanumab, Mitsubishi Tanabe’s MT-3921), and an implantable scaffold that can facilitate axonal regrowth (InVivo Therapeutics’ Neuro-Spinal Scaffold). If these treatments launch, they have notable commercial potential because of the immense unmet need in this indication.


  • How are SCI patients categorized and to what extent does that categorization influence management of the SCI?
  • What are the key areas of unmet need and opportunity in SCI?
  • What pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatments are used to manage an SCI and what are the goals of such treatment?
  • What compounds are advancing through the SCI pipeline and how will their potential introduction change the SCI treatment paradigm in the acute, subacute, and/or chronic phases of treatment post-SCI?
  • What are the future players in this market, and what level of influence will they have on the future market?


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Geography covered: United States

Primary research: Three interviews with neurosurgeons in the United States

Key companies covered: AbbVie, InVivo Therapeutics, Lineage Cell Therapeutics, Mayo Clinic, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, StemCyte

Key products covered: Asclepios, AST-OPC1, elezanumab (ABT-555), MC-001, MT-3921, Neuro-Spinal Scaffold

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