Multiple Myeloma | Emerging Therapies | Darzalex/Empliciti (Wave 2) | US | 2016

This three-wave syndicated research series tracks the introduction of Darzalex, a human anti-CD38 MAb, and Empliciti, a humanized anti-SLAMF7 MAb. The FDA approved these agents in November 2015 for relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma. This series is based on primary research data collected at one month, three months, and one year postcommercial availability of Darzalex and Empliciti. Along with awareness and sources of familiarity, our analysis assesses U.S. hematological oncologists’ trial, adoption, and use of these agents, including anticipated future trends. Our content provides information on product perception, satisfaction, obstacles to use, drivers of prescribing, patient types, displacement of competitors, Johnson & Johnson/Janssen’s and Bristol-Myers Squibb’s promotional efforts, and benchmarking against other agents for multiple myeloma.

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