Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia – Current Treatment – Detailed, Expanded Analysis (US) Current Treatment: Physician Insights

NHL and CLL encompass a heterogeneous group of hematological malignancies broadly classified into indolent and aggressive subtypes. Treatment approaches vary by subtype, with rituximab in combination with chemotherapy continuing to be the mainstay of treatment across NHL subtypes. Approval of bispecific antibodies (Epkinly [Genmab / AbbVie] and Columvi [Roche]), label expansions of CAR T-cell therapies (Yescarta [Gilead / Kite Pharma] and Breyanzi [Bristol Myers Squibb]) in the second line, and approval of the first targeted regimen (Polivy [Roche / Genentech]) in the first line have rapidly expanded the treatment armamentarium for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). Treatment of CLL / SLL and mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) is also transforming following market entry of the first non-covalent BTK inhibitor, Jaypirca [Eli Lilly]. These new market entrants, existing targeted therapies, and label expansions across various subtypes (such as Brukinsa [BeiGene] for R/R CLL / SLL) provide hematologist-oncologists with an ever-increasing array of treatment options.

Questions answered

  • What is the uptake and patient share of key therapies and regimens across all NHL / CLL subtypes, including recent market entrants such as the bispecific antibodies Columvi and Epkinly in the United States, according to surveyed hematologist-oncologists?
  • How does physician prescribing of current treatment options vary based on genetic mutations and CAR T- and transplant eligibility / ineligibility criteria for NHL / CLL?
  • How do drug treatment rates vary across key B-cell NHL / CLL subtypes by line of therapy?
  • What are the key drivers and obstacles determining current prescribing patterns in NHL / CLL?
  • What are the clinical characteristics that physicians consider when prescribing CAR T-cell therapies and bispecific antibodies across NHL / CLL subtypes and lines?

Product description

Current Treatment: Physician Insights provides physician insights on treatment dynamics, prescribing behavior, and drivers of brand use so that marketers can create specific messaging around these treatment dynamics to more effectively increase or defend their market position.

Markets covered: United States.

Primary research: Survey of 101 U.S. hematologist-oncologists.

Key drugs covered: Bendamustine, Bortezomib, Breyanzi, Brukinsa, Calquence, Columvi, Copiktra, Epkinly, Gazyva, Imbruvica, Jaypirca, Kymriah, Lenalidomide, Lunsumio, Monjuvi, Polivy, Rituximab, Tazverik, Tecartus, Venclexta, Xpovio, Yescarta, Zydelig, Zynlonta.

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