Multiple Myeloma – Current Treatment – Detailed, Expanded Analysis (US)

Multiple myeloma is a hematologic malignancy that arises from an overproduction of plasma cells in the bone marrow. In patients with active disease, immunomodulatory drugs (e.g., Revlimid, Pomalyst) and proteasome inhibitors (e.g., Velcade, Kyprolis, Ninlaro) remain the mainstays of treatment; triplet regimens combining these two classes plus dexamethasone have become the standard of care in the first-line setting and are usually followed by single-agent maintenance until disease progression. Darzalex, the first anti-CD38 antibody to enter the multiple myeloma market, has experienced multiple label expansions that have greatly increased its use as part of combination therapy in the first-line and R/R settings. Following Darzalex’s approval, other targeted agents such as Sarclisa and Empliciti entered the multiple myeloma market and are now niche players in the R/R armamentarium. The latter-line setting has witnessed further approvals, including agents such as CAR T-cell therapies (Abecma and Carvykti) and bispecific antibodies (Tecvayli), providing hematologist-oncologists with effective options for the most heavily treated patients.

Questions Answered

  • What uptake have CAR T-cell therapies and bispecific agents experienced in the treatment of R/R multiple myeloma?
  • Which are the most common combination strategies in the different lines of therapy?
  • What proportion of patients undergo autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT), and how does this process affect treatment choice?
  • What are the key drivers and main obstacles influencing current prescribing patterns in multiple myeloma?

Product Description

Current Treatment: Physician Insights provides physician insights on treatment dynamics, prescribing behavior, and drivers of brand use so that marketers can create specific messaging around these treatment dynamics to more effectively increase or defend their market position.

Markets covered: United States.

Primary research: Survey of 102 hematologist-oncologists in the United States fielded in May 2023.

Key drugs covered: Abecma, Carvykti, Darzalex, Empliciti, Kyprolis, Ninlaro, Pomalyst, Revlimid, Sarclisa, Tecvayli, Velcade, Xpovio.

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