Obesity/Overweight – Current Treatment – Detailed, Expanded Analysis (US)

Obesity is arguably the most pressing public health issue in the United States. The prevalence of obesity is extremely high, and its chronic progression is associated with type 2 diabetes and adverse cardiovascular health. Historically, therapies have struggled to elicit meaningful weight loss without compromising the overall risk-benefit of intervention. Following a long period without any treatment options, the 2012-2017 period saw several new treatment options launch for obesity. In this report, U.S. primary care physicians (PCPs) and endocrinologists reveal their prescribing patterns for antiobesity drugs and describe what factors drive their drug selection.


  • Of the patients drug-treated for weight loss, what percentage receive each of the key brands, such as Novo Nordisk’s Saxenda or Vivus’s Qsymia?
  • What percentage of obese patients receive off-label treatment for weight loss with drug classes such as the SGLT-2 inhibitors?
  • How do antiobesity prescribing patterns change between lines of therapy?
  • How frequently are physicians prescribing combinations of antiobesity drugs, and which are their preferred combinations?
  • Which factors drive or constrain physicians’ prescribing practices? How do PCPs and specialists differ in their approach to treatment?


United States.


Survey of 40 U.S. PCPs and 60 U.S. endocrinologists.


Saxenda, Contrave, Belviq, Qsymia, Xenical, phentermine.


Factors influencing disease management and treatment decisions.

Drivers and constraints of treatment selection.

Physician-reported treatment practices and brand-level patient shares.

Rationale for changes in treatment approach.

Physician insightsinto persistency and compliance.

Physician-reported recent/anticipated changes in brand usage or treatment approach.


Current Treatment: Physician Insights provides physician insights on treatment dynamics, prescribing behavior, and drivers of brand use so that marketers can create specific messaging around these treatment dynamics to more effectively increase or defend their market position.

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