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In the last decade, the biosimilar therapy market has been growing, led mainly by two therapeutic areas: immunology and oncology. It now continues to expand into new fields. To enhance this growth, it is especially relevant to understand physicians’ perceptions of currently available biosimilars, elucidate their decision-making process, and determine the most relevant attributes a biosimilar should have. Based on Clarivate’s primary market research in the United States, France, and Germany with physicians from six specialties (gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, nephrologists, rheumatologists, medical oncologists, and hematologist-oncologists), our clients will better understand physicians’ experience with and attitude toward biosimilars and understand the evolution of biosimilars over the last three years (2020, 2021, and 2022).

Questions answered in this report:

  • Understand current biosimilar use. What are the current levels of prescribing biosimilars among physicians from different specialties? How do physicians perceive current biosimilars?
  • Understand the drivers, barriers, and physician attitudes regarding biosimilar uptake. What are the greatest drivers of/barriers to biosimilar use? How familiar with biosimilars are physicians from different specialties? How similar do physicians perceive biosimilars and reference brands to be? Are physicians aware of the pharmacy-level substitution rules in their own country, and would they expect to prevent this substitution? What are physicians’ opinions of indication extrapolation?
  • Future use. Which types of biosimilar manufacturers do physicians trust most? How will physicians adopt biosimilars initially, and will adoption vary by specialty? Will physician uptake be affected by biosimilar price/reimbursement policies? Will physicians use new biologics, depending on their profile, once biosimilars are available? How will physicians choose between multiple biosimilars of the same reference product?


Markets covered: United States, France, and Germany.

Primary research: Online quantitative survey of 550 physicians from six specialties—endocrinologists (90), gastroenterologists (92), nephrologists (91), rheumatologists (90), hematologist-oncologists (98), and medical oncologists (89).

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