Obesity/Overweight – Current Treatment – Detailed, Expanded Analysis: Treatment Algorithms – Claims Data Analysis (US)

The demand for safe and effective obesity treatments is growing as the prevalence of obesity increases and the efficacy of approved and pipeline agents approaches that of bariatric surgery. In recent years, therapies that mimic the effects of GLP-1 peptides—natural gut hormones that regulate appetite and energy metabolism—have set new standards for what can be achieved with weight-loss drugs. Led by Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy (semaglutide), these therapies are driving rapid growth of drug sales and are on a path to transform the therapeutic landscape for obesity in the coming years. Wegovy is among the most advanced GLP-1 receptor agonists approved for obesity, providing significantly greater weight-loss efficacy than its predecessor, Novo Nordisk’s Saxenda (liraglutide). Older agents, such as phentermine, Contrave, Qsymia, and Xenical, are losing ground as products of choice despite their relatively lower cost. This report provides in-depth analysis and insights into how prescription weight-loss drugs are used in the treatment of obesity and how practices are evolving.


  • What patient shares do key therapies and brands garner by line of therapy in newly diagnosed obese / overweight patients? What are the quarterly trends in prescribing among recently treated and newly diagnosed obese patients?
  • How has Wegovy been integrated into the treatment algorithm, and what is its source of business?
  • What percentage of obese / overweight patients receive drug therapy within one year of diagnosis, and how quickly? What percentage of patients progress to later lines of therapy within one year of diagnosis?
  • What percentage of obese / overweight patients are treated with monotherapy versus combination therapy? What are the most commonly used combinations?
  • What are the product-level compliance and persistency rates among drug-treated patients?


Treatment Algorithms: Claims Data Analysis provides detailed, quantitative analysis of the treatment journey and brand usage across lines of therapy and overall using real-world, patient-level claims data so that marketers can accurately assess their source of business, benchmark usage against competitors, and quantify areas of opportunity for their marketed or emerging brand.

Markets covered: United States

Key companies: Novo Nordisk, Vivus, Currax Pharmaceuticals

Key drugs: Wegovy, Saxenda, Qsymia, Contrave, Xenical, phentermine


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