Parkinson’s Disease – Access & Reimbursement – Detailed, Expanded Analysis (US)

Since 2015, eight new brands have launched into the highly generic U.S. Parkinson’s disease (PD) therapy market, and six more are expected to launch soon. Chronic polypharmacy and progressive disease pathology already drive a sizable cost burden for elderly patients (a growing population) and payers, and the impending launch of premium-priced brands will exacerbate these market conditions. Three novel subcutaneous pump therapies (ABBV-951 [AbbVie], ND-0612 [NeuroDerm / Mitsubishi], and SPN-830 [Supernus]) offer potentially transformative motor symptom benefits for advanced PD patients, while a range of novel adjunctive medications for niche populations (e.g., dyskinesia) are progressing through the pipeline. Anticipating payers’ receptivity to emerging products—some of which could be paradigm-altering—and how future coverage policies could affect patient access and neurologists’ treatment choice is crucial for drug developers entering an increasingly crowded, largely generic, and clinically complex market.

Questions answered:

  • What is the current state of coverage for key PD brands in the U.S. market? What restrictions do payers impose, and how do current market access dynamics influence surveyed neurologists’ prescribing?
  • How receptive are payers to therapies in late-phase development, such as AbbVie’s ABBV-951 or Amneal’s IPX-203? What coverage decisions do they anticipate? How do neurologists expect to prescribe these products?
  • What market access and reimbursement challenges will emerging therapies face in the U.S. market? How will these challenges affect their uptake?
  • What clinical scenarios drive the use of acute rescue therapies? Do neurologists prefer Kynmobi over Inbrija or Apokyn?

Product description:

U.S. Access & Reimbursement provides integrated brand- and disease-level insight on reimbursement dynamics and the impact of U.S. payer policy on physician prescribing behavior in the market access environment, including up-to-date analysis of drug coverage and restriction policies and payer and prescriber perspectives on key marketed drugs and receptivity to emerging therapies.

Markets covered: United States

Primary research: Survey of 101 U.S. neurologists and 30 U.S. managed care organization (MCO) pharmacy and medical directors (PDs/MDs)

Key drugs covered: ABBV-951, Duopa, Gocovri, Inbrija, IPX-203, Kynmobi, ND-0612, Nourianz, Nuplazid, Ongentys, Rytary, SPN-830, Xadago, all generic mainstays

Key companies: AbbVie, Acorda, Amneal, Kyowa Kirin, Mitsubishi, NeuroDerm, Sunovion, Supernus, UCB

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