Sports Medicine Devices – Market Insights – Asia Pacific

Favorable demographics trends, technological investments, adoption of premium-priced products, and improving surgeon training will position the Asia Pacific sports medicine market for a rapid growth through the forecast period. Although the update of premium priced products, such as biocomposite suture anchors, will drive aggregate ASPs increases, budgetary constraints, regulatory hurdles, and alternative treatment options may limit revenue expansion.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the market for sports medicine devices in Asia Pacific from 2019 to 2033.

Product innovation and adoption of premium-priced technology will drive growth in the Asia Pacific sports medicine market. 

What product innovations are competitors pursuing in order to capitalize on the growing sports medicine device market segments? 

How much market penetration have current-generation implantable devices gained across the sports medicine device market?

How does the adoption of premium-priced devices vary by country?

Large global orthopedic device manufacturers continue to hold the majority of revenues.

How have the leading competitors performed in each of the device segments?

Which products have contributed to the success of these competitors in different market segments?

What strategies can established and emerging competitors use to further strengthen their market position?

Which product segments should competitors focus on for growth opportunities?

In comparison to Australia and South Korea, the sports medicine device markets in India and China are relatively underpenetrated.

What factors have hindered the growth of the sports medicine device market in India and China?

What strategies can competitors employ to gain a foothold in the Indian and Chinese markets? 

The Volume Based Procurement (VBP) program will significantly impact the sports medicine device market in China during the forecast period.

When will the VBP program be implemented for sports medicine devices in China?

Which device segments will be impacted, and how will the VBP program affect these device segments?

How will the VBP program impact different competitors? 

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