Trademark Watch Analyzer

Clarivate™ AI-enhanced trademark watch solution offering risk-prioritization, result ranking, and litigation insights to brand owners

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Trademark Watch Analyzer combines trademark and case law with AI-enhanced capabilities creating a holistic watching solution

With a new, intuitive design and user interface, the Trademark Watch Analyzer will enable intelligently prioritize result sets to obtain fast and accurate answers to critical business questions.

  • Increase efficiency
    Replace fragmented tools and processes with a single, integrated solution.
  • Improve accuracy
    Advanced algorithms and machine learning models provide accurate and up to-date watch hits daily.
  • Gain advantage
    Assess risk faster and inform defense strategies based on trademark and case law data powered by CompuMark™ and Darts-ip™.
  • Maximize resources
    Reduce costs and maximize resources thanks to quicker identification of opposition opportunities and strategies.

Next-generation trademark watching

Discover a new way to watch trademarks with Clarivate™.

Geographic presence

Reports cited Trademark applications and registrations by jurisdiction.


In just minutes Trademark Watch Analyzer provides comprehensive online in-use information.

Opposition strength

Provides opposition strength score and cited cases through Darts-ip to assess likelihood of success.

Internet presence

Domain information that matches the cited Trademark’s terms, results are clickable taking you to the related website.

Verbal Similarity Ranking

AI-enhanced verbal similarity scoring trained on years of trademark selection data from our in-house analysts.

Litigation data

Evaluate litigation by reviewing related cases from the cited owner and trademark.

Combining trademarks and case law data for deeper insights


See the broader picture with Clarivate™

Access the most complete, global collection of searchable IP cases together with trusted trademark content. That’s the power of Darts-ip and CompuMark™ together.

The trademark landscape has become increasingly complex. With over 120 million active marks and counting, brands must remain up to date on the status of their trademarks, as well as those of their peers, to stay ahead.

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The effect of regional nuances on the similarity of trademark goods and services globally.

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How Clarivate uses Artificial Intelligence you can trust to transform your world.

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Trademark Watch Analyzer Early Adopter Program


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Gold-standard, global trademark and case law data

The Trademark Watch Analyzer is specifically designed to use critical data to rank watch hits, addressing the challenges faced by trademark owners in their watch activities.

In-house IP expertise

Our team will help you onboard and set up this new tool, providing support and expertise with every step. We’ll make sure your workflows remain as seamless as possible and help you gain confidence with this new tool and intuitive interface quickly and easily.

Cutting-edge AI technology

With global monitoring and automated alerts, our AI-driven technology supports you in watch monitoring, saving you time, money and resources while providing the confidence to protect your brand, anywhere in the world.

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Trademark Watch Analyzer from Clarivate™ combines market-leading trademark data from CompuMark™ with global IP case law data from Darts-ip™ to enable brand professionals to navigate the complexities of brand protection with ease and confidence.

This entirely new tool includes updated design and greater usability, improvements to our trusted core features as well as many powerful new features. Our AI-enhanced technology supports brand professionals in watch monitoring tasks with global data, automated alerts, risk-prioritization, data enhancement and global litigation insights.

By ranking results, our advanced data Trademark Watch Analyzer not only frees up valuable time for higher-level projects but also significantly boosts productivity.

We are now opening this solution for early adoption. While still in development, users can enjoy the core features and provide input on development phases.

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It is still in development, but with the core functionalities ready. We’re excited to rapidly expand and develop this solution!

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