Transcatheter Embolization and Occlusion Devices – Market Insights – Europe

The European TEO device market will see modest growth over the forecast period driven by growing adoption of minimally invasive treatment options like embolization. Additionally, the market will be driven by the introduction of new devices, which are being embraced more readily thanks to positive clinical results.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the market for TEO devices in Europe from 2019 through 2032.

The neurovascular flow-diverting device market is seeing moderate growth.

How will the adoption of neurovascular flow-diverting devices impact the neurovascular embolization coil and coiling-assist device markets?

Which strategies are competitors adopting to gain a competitive edge over other competitors in the neurovascular flow-diverting device market?

How has the competitive landscape changed with the emergence of new competitors and products?

Radioembolization spheres continue to represent the largest segment of the embolization particle market, although the microsphere and DEB markets will also experience growth over the forecast period.

What factors are contributing to the growth of the European microsphere and DEB markets?

How will the uptake of other embolization particles impact the PVA particle market?

Budgetary constraints continue to affect the European TEO device market.

At what rate will ASPs decline, and which countries are expected to encounter the most significant erosion?

What strategies are companies employing to alleviate the downward pricing pressure?

Clinical data results will play an important role in driving the adoption of TEO devices.

Which clinical trials were recently conducted in this market?

What is the expected impact of these clinical trials on the market dynamics?

Emerging embolization technologies are seeing increasing adoption.

How will the market growth vary across different embolization device segments?

What is the adoption outlook for different embolization devices, and what factors will affect the penetration of these technologies over the forecast period?

What impact will clinical guidance have on the adoption of emerging technologies in the embolization device market?

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