Electrophysiology Mapping and Ablation Devices – Market Insights – Japan

The Japanese EP mapping and ablation device market has recovered largely from the COVID-19 pandemic and will resume moderate growth over the remainder of the forecast period, supported by increasing AF ablation procedure volumes and the emergence as well as adoption of novel technology, including pulsed field ablation and hybrid AF ablation systems.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the market for EP mapping and ablation devices in Japan from 2019 through 2032.

Upcoming advances in PFA has led to a rush for all competitors to launch PFA devices in the country.

How is the PFA market expected to grow?

When are the competitors expected to launch their PFA devices in the country?

What are the new clinical trial results evaluating PFA devices, and how are they going to impact the market?

AF procedure volumes are the high in Japan and continue to be a major focus among electrophysiologists.

How will results from clinical trials impact the current EP market in Japan?

How does AF treatment volume growth compare to other arrhythmia types?

How are manufacturers incorporating novel technologies specifically for AF treatment into their competitive strategies?

How will continued procedural growth influence device use?

A number of advanced technologies are present in the Japanese market.

Which advanced technologies are available in the Japanese EP mapping and ablation device market?

Which of these novel devices have seen the fastest adoption, and why? How will their uptake change over the forecast period?

Which devices are losing ground to these newer, more technologically advanced tools?

The EP diagnostic and ablation catheter segments account for significant market revenues.

What are the changing catheter preferences among electrophysiologists?

In which markets do competitors benefit most directly from growth trends?

ASPs for EP devices are influenced by biennial reimbursement cuts by the Japanese MHLW.

Which device segments will be most affected by these cuts?

Are there specific brands that are exempt from these cuts? Why are they exempt?

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