Dialysis Access Treatment Devices – Market Insights – Europe

The European dialysis access treatment device market will grow modestly, mainly because of the increasing adoption of percutaneous AVF for dialysis access creation and DCBs for dialysis maintenance. The rising ESRD population, the dynamic nature of the market, and the launch of novel and innovative premium-priced products backed by clinical data will drive market expansion

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the dialysis access treatment products in Europe from 2019 to 2032.

The robustly growing percutaneous AVF catheter market will continue to support the growth of the dialysis access treatment device market.

Will the market continue growing at the same pace in the following years? What factors will be crucial to more widespread adoption of percutaneous AVF catheters?

Which competitors will benefit from manufacturing percutaneous AVF devices?

Are any emerging competitors anticipated to enter the market going forward?

DCB use for dialysis access maintenance will experience strong growth which, together with the premium price of the devices, will support the dialysis access maintenance device market.

How will DCB penetration into POBA and PTA-with-stent procedures change going forward?

Which companies will benefit from competing in the DCB market, and which competitors and products are expected to enter the market in the following years?

How are clinical trial results affecting DCB adoption? What impact are the results from these studies anticipated to have on DCB uptake going forward?

Recent M&A activity will likely lead to shifts in market shares going forward.

What acquisitions have occurred to allow companies to better position themselves to enter the lucrative DCB market?

How are competitors leveraging company and product portfolio acquisitions to expand their product offerings?

Budgetary constraints and a lack of reimbursement in some segments continue to affect the European dialysis access treatment device market.

To what extent will insufficient reimbursement affect to the adoption of premium-priced devices?

How can companies mitigate these limiting factors?

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