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Explore research trends and early intelligence for agrochemical compounds

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Patent Selection

Confidently browse Agro Patent Fast Alert to explore novel compounds, processes, and methods for the formulation of agrochemical products such as pesticides, fertilizers, plant growth modulators and genetic variants.

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Agro Patent Fast Alert provides vital early intelligence for R&D groups:

  1. Be the first to hear about emerging research trends
  2. Uncover patent duplications, competition, novel compounds, and relevant generic structures to support R&D strategy
  3. Independently analyze patents to support your compounds and chemical research
  4. Access direct reference to the exploratory structural formulation of already claimed compounds in patent publications
  5. Explore new trends, research, technology, and chemicals of agro-horticultural importance
  6. Know when competitors working on similar compounds to your target compound or technology
  7. Identify the prior-art and minimize the risk of infringement

Agro Patent Fast Alert is delivered weekly in PDF format, covering 20-40 patents in each issue

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Why patent your work?

Innovative crops have transformed farming and are driving long-term productivity and sustainability in agriculture. But did you know it takes 10-15 years to develop commercially viable seeds?

Intellectual property rights in agriculture play a key role in enabling plant-biotech to attract investors and generate returns for reinvestment in future R&D projects.

Patents in agriculture incentivise further R&D to produce plant biotech assets. IPR in agriculture enable licencing opportunities to generate a maximum return on investment, making technology available to a wider group of researchers, expedite seed development, and rapidly improving crop yield.

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Editorial curation

Patents filed through the European, US and World (PCT) routes are routinely scanned both manually and online, providing coverage of all commercially significant patents.

Patent abstracts are:

  1. tailored to the R&D community
  2. rewritten by editors to emphasize the novel aspect of the patent, specific uses and advantages
  3. manually curated and indexed using industry standard classifications
  4. inclusive of the preferred specific chemical structures published in each patent application

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