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Expert patent research for reliable, in-depth technology, patent and competitor analysis.

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Patent Analytics Services

Insights you can trust

Our team of 270+ search professionals combine technical domain knowledge with patent expertise to provide the analysis and insights you need to make innovation, patent strategy and licensing decisions with speed and confidence.

  • Focus resources on the highest potential opportunities
    Comprehensive technology category analysis allows you to find high potential whitespace, spot trends, and identify market leaders and followers.
  • Develop a stronger patent portfolio
    Objectively analyze your patent portfolio from multiple angles to identify strengths and weaknesses, and benchmark your IP and R&D activity against your peer set.
  • Stay on top of your evolving patent and technology landscape
    Understand how your competitors’ strategies are changing, when new threats are emerging, and anticipate how emerging technologies will evolve.
  • Build effective patent licensing strategies
    Identify your highest potential assets and the right licensing prospects.
  • Evaluate standard essentiality with confidence
    Clearly see how a patent’s claims map to specific standards with claim charts prepared by technology experts.

Unparalleled people, technology and data resources to provide you with the right results

Technology expertise

270+ experts, 60%+ with advanced degrees, covering all technology sectors

IP expertise

Searchers average 10 years’ experience, 1 in 4 trained as patent examiners, paralegals, patent agents or patent attorneys

Unparalleled database access

30+ patent and scientific literature databases, including 10 proprietary databases

Consultative approach

We focus on understanding your specific objectives to deliver actionable insights that allow you to move forward with confidence


Better decisions at every stage of the innovation life cycle

Improve the speed of your decisions and the productivity of your patent and R&D teams

Technology landscape

Provides a holistic analysis of a technical sector, including where top players are focusing their patent filings, where patent activity is increasing or decreasing (by jurisdiction, assignee, inventor, or class code), which players are increasing or decreasing in momentum, and an analysis of patent density and potential white space. Analysis uses a standardized taxonomy, or we apply your taxonomy to provide meaningful, actionable insights.


Competitive analysis and benchmarking

Provides an analysis of one or more companies’ patent portfolios and compares the portfolios to your portfolio. Analysis includes an evaluation and comparison of patent strength by technology category, jurisdictional coverage, age of portfolio, filing trends, inventor activity and patent litigation activity.

Technology monitoring

On-going monitoring service alerts you when there are new patent filings, citations, or scientific articles published in your technical sector of interest. Scope is based on your specific objectives (type of activity, technical domains, jurisdictions, etc.) Monitor your competitors’ patent filings, detect new entrants, and see where new filings are focused by jurisdiction and subcategory.

Patent portfolio analysis

Comprehensive, customized audit of your portfolio that considers your specific IP objectives and business goals. Evaluate your portfolio across a wide range of factors to allow you to make informed investment, maintenance and patent commercialization decisions to improve your patent portfolio ROI.

Licensing analysis

Identify companies that may benefit most from licensing your specific assets based on an analysis that includes company’s filing trends, recent research, litigation activity, product documentation and other non-patent data sources. Identify companies that may be potentially infringing your patents with claim element level evidence.

Patent commercialization assessment

Determine which assets in your portfolio have the highest licensing or commercial sale potential based on age, influence, claim coverage, strength, related competitive products, and other factors.

Standard essential patent analysis

Evaluate which patents are essential to specific standards, including 5G, WiFi, and HEVC. Identify SEP owners related to a specific standard and whether declared SEPs are actually standard essential with claim charts that clearly describe how patents align to the standard.

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Evidence of use analysis

Identify and document how potentially infringing products or services are implementing your patented technology. Comprehensive claim charts summarize how products are infringing on your claims, with evidence gathered from patent literature and product literature including websites, manuals, and technical documents.

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Our patent search team has access to 30+ patent and scientific literature databases, including 10 propriety sources such as Derwent Innovation, Innography, SequenceBase, DWPI, Web of Science, Proquest, and Darts-IP, and the ability to conduct physical searches of technical libraries from our 11+ global offices and extensive agent network.

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