MetaCore, a Cortellis solution

Accelerate discovery research with systems biology content and analytics

Gain greater insight into disease understanding

MetaCore, a Cortellis solution, delivers high-quality biological systems content in context, giving you essential data and analytics to accelerate your scientific research. MetaCore contains sophisticated integrated pathway and network analysis for multi-omics data.

> 1.7m

Molecular interactions

> 1,600

Pathway maps

> 230,000

Gene-disease associations

MetaCore is empowered by MetaBase, our manually curated systems biology knowledge base. Delivered as an Oracle database with more than 200 tables, MetaBase is arguably the most comprehensive manually curated database of mammalian biology data available today in both industry and academia. Using MetaBase, you can integrate content with your internal systems and utilize the data for developing in-house data-mining solutions. MetaBase can also be used as a central repository for experimental data, integrated with in-house databases, and distributed enterprise-wide within the organization.

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