Integrated patient journey

One journey, many lenses

Patient journey efforts are often conducted in a fragmented fashion and using incomplete data sources, depriving life sciences companies of a richer, more comprehensive view of the barriers and drivers impacting their brands and making it impossible to address them in a coordinated manner.

An integrated patient journey is needed. In our new executive brief, we reveal how looking at the patient journey from multiple angles and overlaying diverse data streams, including traditional research, real world data and social conversation data, can give brands game-changing insights into the barriers to care patients face and the factors driving treatment behavior.

Download our executive brief to learn:

  • How the patient journey has evolved and what’s driving the need for a more comprehensive view
  • The different lenses through which we can view the patient journey, depending on stakeholder needs
  • Triggers and intervention points that can be identified at each stage of the journey
  • How utilizing a diverse blend of data sources affords brands a more complete view of the patient
  • How patient journey analyses can be applied to multiple commercial applications, including segmentation and targeting, opportunity assessment, stakeholder engagement strategies, and more…