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Navigate complex SEP analysis and decisions with greater precision and efficiency

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Industry-leading experts and data to help you:

Industry-leading experts and data to help you:

  1. Tackle SEP analyses quickly, cost effectively and accurately backed by the industry’s largest patent research team and expertly curated patent and litigation data
  2. Identify the right opportunities for R&D investment with SEP landscape analysis, benchmarking competitors’ portfolios, and in-depth acquisition target evaluation
  3. Build stronger assertion strategies with in-depth reviews of portfolio and competitor strengths and weaknesses, evidence of use and standards essentiality
  4. Strategically license the right assets and set up negotiations for success with technology landscaping, portfolio diagnostics and claim validity / strength tests

Why SEP stakeholders rely on Clarivate

As standard essential patents (SEPs) continue to accelerate, it’s become increasingly challenging for stakeholders to wade through data sets and make the right decisions – especially when only approximately 20% of SEPs may truly be essential.

SEP licensees, implementors, patent pools and their law firms rely on Clarivate to navigate SEP issues and tackle time consuming analyses with precision and efficiency:

  • Significant SEP experience
    Client projects benefit from 13 years of experience in SEP projects and dedicated SEP legal analysts who have manually analyzed over 70,000 SEPs. Expertise in 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, video codec - H.264, H.265 and H.266., Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, and more.
  • Robust patent and litigation analytics
    Strengthen your position with comprehensive, indexed patent and litigation data and our proprietary tiered ranking framework to assess essentiality.
  • Fast turnaround and flexible capacity
    Team of 70+ in-house technical researchers who onboard projects quickly and seamlessly. Multiple support options from short term projects to full time roles.

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