My Organization for InCites Benchmarking & Analytics

Completing the research analytics loop to deliver standardized researcher, team & departmental reporting

NOTE: On April 28, 2018 – InCites Benchmarking & Analytics customers will see a new tab called ‘My Organization’.

My Organization is a new module currently in Beta testing. It will be available for subscription access in the coming months. Please talk to your sales representative for details and pre-ordering information.

My Organization is a new integrated module within InCites Benchmarking & Analytics, providing institutions the missing link needed to complete the research analytics loop.  My Organization will enable users to easily browse, select & analyze researcher, team or departmental performance based on your own verified data.

You retain full control of your data—importing departmental structure, researcher names and publication records—and My Organization delivers standardized researcher, team & departmental reporting to increase relevance of bibliometric data for all users.   Then we complete the loop, as we provide you underlying data from Web of Science & InCites APIs to maintain your Local Profile System.

My Organization’s basic workflow:

1. Administrator role to Integrate your researcher profile data in My Organization using our simple import tools

2. Your researcher outputs are matched to Web of Science Core Collection and automatically imported into My Organization.

3. Any unmatched records are highlighted for review. You can import as frequently as you like.

4. Once the data is imported your users will be able to

  • Browse & view the organizational structure
  • Export all reports & underlying metrics
  • Seamlessly link to InCites Benchmarking & Analytics to further explore and analyze your team, departments or researchers using citation metrics.

5. Get the underlying data from Web of Science & InCites APIs to maintain your Local Profile System

My Organization benefits:

  • Save researchers valuable time, allowing for quick and easy import of their full research history from the Web of Science Core Collection
  • Rely upon a standardized dataset without needing end-user validation of research output
  • Support annual review process comprehensively and repeatedly
  • Seamlessly deliver integrated metrics to all relevant users
  • Showcase your institutional research by integrating Web of Science API with your local system in order to collect the full meta-data from Web of Science against your researcher profiles.


For a detailed overview of how adding the My Organization module can benefit your institution, please contact your InCites sales representative.


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