Pharmacovigilance Literature Screening Services

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One of the biggest challenges in pharmacovigilance literature monitoring is the review process. Without the right review team in place, even the best pharmacovigilance workflow can miss articles for ICSRs, aggregate reports and safety signals or struggle with peaks in review volumes.

This is where Dialog® solutions can help. Our experienced Literature Review Services team manages this process for some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, providing efficient and compliant pharmacovigilance literature search services.

How we deliver pharmacovigilance literature screening services

Our Literature Review Services team is an extension of your drug safety reporting process and can adapt itself to your specific needs. We can advise on any element of pharmacovigilance literature monitoring, using our expertise and technology to support your goals.

The Dialog solutions pharmacovigilance literature search services are built on the foundation of our flagship Drug Safety TriagerTM platform. Relevant content from various sources is imported into the Drug Safety Triager, which removes duplicated and inconsistent references.

Using the Drug Safety Triager tool, our literature reviewers can work more accurately and efficiently. This ensures ICSRs aren’t missed, and relevant non-ICSR articles are actioned appropriately. Everything our team does is set against strict quality measures, forming part of your validated literature workflow.

Features and benefits

An experienced team

We pride ourselves on the quality and expertise of our literature review team. It has deep industry experience and knowledge of a wide range of products and therapeutic areas.

The team works to exacting standards, tracking a range of measures including missed ICSRs; over-submission of ICSRs; and missed articles for aggregate reports and safety signals.

A trusted partner

At Dialog solutions, we offer more than just software and services for pharmacovigilance. We provide the consultancy you need to ensure your drug safety reporting processes are compliant, validated and efficient.

We can then work with you to put in place the processes, technology and teams to ensure you meet your pharmacovigilance obligations.

Pharma data integration

Drug Safety Triager

The Drug Safety Triager platform is a GxP validated, compliant, audit-ready system that manages and streamlines the literature review workflow.

It is an integral part of our pharmacovigilance literature search services and is used by 60 per cent of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies.

The platform makes pharmacovigilance literature monitoring a controlled, efficient, and compliant process, and ensures the work of the literature reviewers is effective and thorough.

A complete workflow

We deliver a modular, end-to-end approach to literature monitoring for pharmacovigilance. We can provide you with a streamlined, efficient and compliant approach to the entire literature review process.

Our complete pharmacovigilance literature monitoring workflow includes:

  • The Dialog platform for accessing and searching all essential content
  • Dialog® Alerts Manager for managing multiple drug safety searches
  • Drug Safety Triager to streamline literature reviewing
  • Literature Review Services to support your review process

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