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Successful drug R&D requires access to broad, accurate intelligence about biological, chemical and pharmacological data that provides a fundamental understanding of the impact at the molecular level in addition to finding clinical trial execution partners and staying current with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Overcome the challenges of finding, integrating and analyzing the key information and free up your teams to focus on the critical decisions needed to get your products to market and patients faster. Our single source of comprehensive, validated, curated, regularly updated data and analyses about the literature, biological pathways, pipeline, protocols, sites, patient populations and global regulatory requirements accelerates clinical trial planning and increases your chances of clinical success.

How we help

Scientific literature monitoring & KOL identification

  • Extract and organize content from the literature and databases to learn from research around your target indication or molecule
  • Supplement and enhance your searches with fully integrated information on companies and research institutes, current biomedical literature and the most recent patient literature
  • Identify the key opinion leaders who can provide advice around drug development or clinical trial planning

Assess the literature landscape and identify KOLs

Molecular pathway analysis & bioinformatics

  • Understand the meaning of your omics data in the context of healthy and diseased molecular pathways
  • Link drugs, targets and genes to biomarker information from a diverse range of sources
  • Rapidly generate and validate hypotheses for novel biomarkers, targets and mechanisms of action

Analyze molecular pathways and accelerate discovery research

Preclinical drug development

  • Compare your drug’s preclinical performance to prior research
  • Access scientific pipeline data that are easily searchable in one platform
  • Help drive innovation and support earlier decision-making when developing new hypotheses for new targets, drugs and biomarkers
  • Learn from the success of your peers with comprehensive coverage of pipeline data, patents, literature and conferences – all from a scientific perspective

Get biology, chemistry and pharmacology data – all in one place

Clinical trial planning & feasibility 

  • Understand the successful protocols, sites or patient segments for drugs in your therapeutic area
  • Generate testable hypotheses for patient stratification, biomarker discovery, disease understanding, target identification, drug combination effect prediction and drug repositioning
  • Explore disease therapy areas, interventions, phases, recruitment status, start and end dates, sites, sponsors and collaborators, actions and drug classes, patient segment and eligibility criteria, inclusion criteria including gene variants, biomarkers, endpoints, combination therapies, trial designs, results and adverse events

Get detailed insights on clinical sites and trial protocols

Regulatory intelligence, compliance & monitoring

  • Compile and understand the latest regulations in your target countries/regions
  • Quickly understand regulatory requirements across all aspects of therapy development
  • Prepare for inspections, understand trends in drug approvals and discern submission requirements and instructions
  • Conduct pre- and post-marketing surveillance and understand approvals

Confidently navigate the regulatory landscape

Discovery, clinical and regulatory solutions


Insights and information, backed by robust data

Our Research Intelligence Cloud makes it easier for you to collect, analyze and gain precise, actionable insights across the entire R&D lifecycle, meaning you can make critical decisions faster and with greater confidence.

  1. Access billions of data points from thousands of sources through a single source
  2. Inform better decision-making with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence
  3. Enhance communication and collaboration across your teams with easy-to-access enhanced data visualizations

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