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Navigating the AI Frontier in Intellectual Property Law

Ideas to Innovation - Season Three

Episode description

In this episode of Ideas to Innovation, we delve into the transformative influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on intellectual property (IP) and trademark law. Our conversation with guests Jay Myers, Director of Innovation for the Intellectual Property Practice Group at the Seyfarth Shaw international law firm, and Arun Hill, Senior Consultant, The Clarivate Center for IP and Innovation Research, unravels the complexities of integrating AI into legal practices.

Our discussion illuminates AI’s capacity to streamline trademark searches, enhance infringement monitoring, and inform strategic brand decisions. Yet, it also confronts the ethical dilemmas and practical challenges that accompany AI’s rise in the legal domain.

As we peer into the near future, our guests speculate on an era marked by increased efficiency and higher-quality decision-making in IP law, driven by AI’s augmentation of human expertise. This vision underscores the importance of balancing technological advancements with the indispensable elements of human judgment and ethical considerations.

This episode offers invaluable insights into how organizations can leverage AI to navigate the complexities of IP law, striking a balance between innovation and the critical human element of legal expertise.

Join us to explore how AI is not only automating tasks but also augmenting the capabilities of IP professionals to achieve higher-quality outcomes for their clients.


Joseph V. Myers III
Joseph V. Myers III
Intellectual Property Partner
Seyfarth Shaw LLP

As Director of Innovation for the Intellectual Property practice group, Jay leads teams of legal, technology, docketing and administrative personnel, foreign counsel, and IP service vendors in the management of large international trademark portfolios. His work includes all aspects of global trademark portfolio management, including global brand strategy, prosecution and maintenance, searching and clearance, watching and policing, licensing and distribution, anti-counterfeiting, domain name, social media and other Internet issues, and the management of all types of litigation, oppositions, cancellations, and other adverse proceedings, domestic and international. Jay also has substantial experience in IP transactional matters, IP due diligence, copyright and technology matters.

Arun Hill
Arun Hill
Senior Consultant

Arun has a decade of experience in the field of patent analytics and is an expert in innovation intelligence and ethico-legal issues. He has a background in law and a masters in innovation, technology and law, which focuses on emerging policy areas like outer space and robotics. Arun has a track record of working with global technology-focused corporations, governments and research institutions to deliver actionable intelligence to transform their patent decision-making and strategies.