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AI: driving drug development from effective to remarkable

Bioworld Insider

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Google’s Scott Penberthy joins the podcast for a visionary discussion that scans the horizon for startling changes artificial intelligence will bring to drug development in the relatively near future. Among the gems and eyebrow raisers is talk of dramatic reductions in the time it takes to identify the right molecule for development and how digital clinical trials in the not-too-distant future will substantially shrink study times. This episode also provides a preview of the annual Biofuture conference. Each year, a group of trailblazers, disruptors and forward-thinking executives converge to evaluate and forecast the future of health care. This year, BioWorld is a gold sponsor of the Oct. 4-6 event in New York. If you attend, you’ll have the chance to hear panels and join workshops and fireside chats with key opinion leaders like Penberthy.


Scott Penberthy
Scott Penberthy
Director of applied AI, Google Cloud's Office of the Chief Technology Officer