Lack of early-stage partnering and collaboration is inhibiting pharma innovation in Asia-Pacific, says Cortellis report

London, UK, & Philadelphia, US – August 29, 2019 – Clarivate Analytics plc (NYSE:CCC; CCC.WS), a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation, today published a new, first-of-its-kind report entitled “Pharmaceutical innovation in the APAC region: A quantitative company ranking and future outlook.”

The report provides insights on which countries/regions in APAC are most conducive to innovation, which companies lead the way today or are poised to lead tomorrow, and how a company’s innovation profile affects its success. Report findings show, while exhibiting strong drug development capability, greater early-stage partnering and increased academic collaboration are needed for companies in the APAC region to expand their global footprint.

Developed by the Life Sciences team at Clarivate Analytics, the report contains a bespoke definition of innovation that addresses the unique characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry and less mature markets. Using data from Cortellis™, Derwent World Patents Index™, Derwent Patent Citation Index™ and Web of Science™, the extensive analysis outlines drivers of and obstacles to innovation at the country/region and company level across three major indices: Early-stage Partnering, Drug Development and Maturity. Starting with a broader universe of 46,509 companies, the list was distilled to a group of 929 for more focused analysis.

The top 10 most innovative Top-Tier* companies:


Rank Company Country/Region
1. Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd Japan
2. Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd Japan
3. Eisai Co Ltd Japan
4. Astellas Pharma Inc Japan
5. Otsuka Holdings Co Ltd Japan
6. Shionogi & Co Ltd Japan
6. CSL Ltd Australia
8. Ono Pharmaceutical Co Ltd Japan
9. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp Japan
9. Kirin Holdings Co Ltd Japan

*Top-Tier is defined as larger, more established companies that have launched 10 or more products.


The top 10 most innovative Small and Medium Enterprises:


Rank Company Country/Region
1. Lee’s Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd Hong Kong
2. Takara Holdings Inc Japan
3. Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co Ltd Mainland China
4. BeiGene Co Ltd Mainland China
5. Nitto Denko Corp Japan
6. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd India
7. Betta Pharma Inc Mainland China
8. CanSino Biologics Inc Mainland China
9. JCR Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd Japan
10. Genexine Co Ltd South Korea



Of the 929 companies studied across 14 countries/regions in APAC, there are 5,893 drugs in active development and 1,549 that have been launched. Japan, due to its market maturity, has the highest innovation score across all three innovation indices, with China and South Korea positioned as strong contenders for the most innovative country. Japan, China and Korea alone account for 80% of drugs in active development.

Top-Tier companies in APAC scored highly across the three indices but scored lowest in Early-stage Partnering, suggesting there is room for mature companies to foster closer ties with academic institutions.  Conversely, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) scored highly in Early-stage Partnering. This indicates collaboration is integral to their growth and success.

“The APAC region is a rich source of pharmaceutical innovation, but in most countries – Japan being the exception – this is not translating into a strong global footprint. Currently, the world as well as local countries are not benefiting fully from companies’ R&D activities,” said Mukhtar Ahmed, President of Life Sciences at Clarivate Analytics. “We anticipate that social, economic and regulatory changes set to take place across the region in the coming years will increase innovation productivity and pose an opportunity for Western companies to maximize their investments as they identify potential partnerships. In turn, this will enable people around the world to benefit from novel therapies.”

For the full list of company rankings, analysis methodology and further insight into what is driving pharmaceutical innovation in APAC, download the report here:



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