On-demand Webinar

IP Forum 2023​ - Digital disruption in the trademark profession

Brian King
Head of IP Government and Industry Relations
Robert Reading
Director, Corporate Strategy
Sandra Mau
VP TrademarkVision & IP Government Solutions
Stacey Foltz Stark
Director Intellectual Property
Francesca Witzburg
Founder & Managing Attorney
Francesca Witzburg, Esq.

Breakout 2: Digital disruption in the trademark profession

With the expanding domain name system, social and e-commerce’s impact on brands and globalization, clearing a new trademark today requires more data and diligence than ever. Digital disruption is affecting the trademark professional’s everyday workflow. Yet, it also promises an answer to their biggest challenge: too much data.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics are transforming workflows across industries, revolutionizing both the speed of content creation and the ability to process – and gain actionable intelligence from – vast amounts of data. How are these technologies impacting trademark practitioners and their stakeholders?

Topics include:

  • What impacts do new platforms, and their ability to reach critical mass of user adoption at unprecedented rates, have on trademark research and protection?
  • How will Web 3 technologies increase trademark complexity, including 3D and moving marks?
  • How is continued globalization increasing the need to consider homoglyph and homophone strings in trademark searches?
  • What technologies can practitioners leverage to work through the volume and manage the complexity of future trademarks?